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Glencloy & Fairy Glen (Mountain Biking)

For the 2021 festival, we are thrilled to bring you guided mountain biking in collaboration with Ride Arran.

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Total Ascent


Forest roads and singletrack

Technical Rating
Novice, Blue graded trails


Saturday 15 May 2021

Meeting Time

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Meeting Place

Brodick (exact location will be confirmed upon booking)

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 | Route description

Please be aware that this is for MOUNTAIN BIKES and NOT A WALK

This is the easiest session on offer for the weekend aimed at novice riders with a moderate level of base fitness required. The main gradual climb up is on a non-technical fire road with a couple of short steeper sections later on. Descents are either fire road or man made paths.

This session is ridden at a relaxed pace with plenty of breaks and there is no pressure to ride sections you’re not comfortable with. Lots of coaching points on technique and general bike chat throughout the ride!

If you are unsure whether this is the right session for you, please state this on the booking form and we can have a chat!

- Age limit 16 years, but 12-15 possible with the agreement of the leader - contact to confirm
- Once the booking form is completed and sent, a secure payment link will be sent to you for payment to confirm the booking.

 | Advised Kit List

Suggested Clothing for Mountain Biking Sessions

  • Helmet (mandatory). Please check for any cracks or damage and the manufactured date sticker is within 5 years or within manufacturers recommendations
  • Bike in good working order. Please check your tyre pressures the night before (if you are unsure, 25psi is a good place to start)
  • Clothing: sportswear long sleeve breathable top and any protective items such as eyewear, full finger gloves and knee pads etc. If no knee pads, sports trousers offer more protection than shorts. Please avoid any cotton clothing as it holds water and does not dry quickly once wet!
  • Infection control measures: face covering, alcohol gel, nitrile gloves to be used in emergency situations etc.
  • Mini first aid kit for self treating minor injuries
  • Water 1L minimum, more on a hot day
  • Some carbohydrate food snacks like oat bars and some sweets
  • Waterproofs, can be used as an extra layer if cold
  • Spare tube for your size wheel
  • Multi tool, pump and any minor spares
  • Enough Medication for the duration, if you require any
  • Small bag to carry items

Booking Now Open For All